House Rules

1. Protect and respect the fruit and its grower.

Be honest and forthright and true (“Scout’s honor!”) to the flavors and sustainability of Oregon’s viticulture.

2. Ditto for our friends and customers:

discerning, intelligent, savvy.  A lot of wine for not a lot of money, that’s what you deserve.

3. A little wood goes a long way…

no need to mask great fruit with too much new oak (see Rule #1).

4.  Single vineyard bottlings are always interesting.

Nevertheless, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (who said that?). Blending fruit from different vineyards ensures that we are making the best possible wine for you (see Rule #2). In Rob we trust.

5. Cork or cap?

Oh, the heartbreak of opening a much-anticipated bottle of wine and (sigh) it’s corked. We couldn’t do that to you, or to that beautiful wine we put in the bottle (back to Rules #1 and #2). Never again! Because we’ve chosen alternative closures: Stelvin, the state-of-the-art screw cap for wines we know you’ll be drinking young, and VinoLok for the ones we think you might want to hold on to awhile.

6. Scores, schmores.

You know what you like and so do we.  Submit our wines to the critics? Nope, not us. We don’t play that game.  Come on, you be the judge.

7. Good friends, good food, good wine – period.