Rosé d’Or, Brut NV

Oregon Sparkling

180 Cases Produced


Rosé d’Or is an elegant sparkling wine with toasty aromas and notes of nutmeg, honey, thyme, and crisp apple.

We barrel age and blend vintages, so that over time, a beautiful rich complexity is created, the likes of which are simply unattainable in a single vintage sparkling wine.

It is the perfect companion to everything from Sunday brunch to spicy evenings.

Price:  $35/bottle

Wine Club Price: $28/bottle



Video: Disgorging Rosé d’Or


Wine Notes:

Blend:  70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay
Fermentation:  Cool. Less than 60 degrees F with Prise de Mousse yeast
Fined:  No
Filtered:  No
Barrels:  Oak
Age of Barrels:  5-7 year old
Vineyards: Temperance Hill (Pinot Noir), Wren (Chardonnay)
Vineyard Practices: Organic
Brix: 21.5
Acid: 10.2 g/l
Ph: 3.05
Cases Produced: 180
Alcohol: 13.1
Acid: 9.8 g/l
Residual Sugar: 0.6% added in dosage

Price:  $35

Wine Club Price: $28/bottle